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Apple Watch Series 8 rumors: Rugged ‘Pro’ version, fever detection and more

The apple watch Series 8, which is expected to be announced at Apple September 7 event, could mark some milestones for Apple’s popular smartwatch. It could be the first to include a temperature sensor and also the first to come in a new “Pro” variant suitable for extreme sports. That’s if reports from Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal turn out to be true.

The Series 7, which Apple unveiled alongside the iPhone 13 range last September, did not receive many significant changes outside of its enlarged screenfaster charging and improved durability. Besides the expected temperature sensor, the standard Series 8 may follow the same path. Bloomberg reports that Series 8 hardware will generally be similar to Series 7.

We’ll know for sure once Apple announces its next smartwatch. The company is expected to introduce Series 8, a Pro version of Series 8, and a new Apple Watch SE this fall alongside iPhone 14 and Airpods Pro 2. Until then, current Apple Watch owners will get new software features when WatchOS 9 debuts this fall.

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Health: Apple Watch Series 8 could launch a temperature sensor

Years before the pandemic, Apple already had long-term health ambitions for its popular wrist accessory, with CEO Tim Cook describing health as Apple’s “greatest contribution to humanity”. And according to reports from Bloomberg and The Wall Street JournalApple can pursue these ambitions with the addition of a temperature sensor in the Apple Watch Series 8.

The temperature detection feature could bring new fertility planning tools to Apple’s smartwatch, according to reports. A more recent Bloomberg Report suggests that Series 8 may be able to detect fevers. But that doesn’t mean you should expect to get a specific temperature reading like you would with a standard thermometer. Instead, Bloomberg says it will likely be able to tell if you might have a fever and would recommend using a dedicated thermometer or seeing a doctor.

According to reports, there are also a number of other health features in Apple’s pipeline, although these tools are still in development. They include blood glucose monitoring, a tool that alerts users if their blood oxygen levels drop, sleep apnea detection and blood pressure monitoring, according to the Journal and Bloomberg. But those features should be a long way off and probably won’t appear in the Apple Watch for years. Bloomberg said the blood pressure measuring tool wouldn’t be ready until 2024 at the earliest.

The blood pressure technology would likely work by using sensors to measure the speed of the wave a heartbeat sends through a person’s arteries, the Journal reports. Unlike traditional blood pressure monitoring cuffs, which are usually strapped around the upper arm, it would not provide baseline systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings. Instead, it would tell you your blood pressure trend, the report says. Samsung previously integrated a similar blood pressure feature into the Galaxy Watch 4which is available in some countries and regions such as South Korea and Europe, where it has received regulatory approval.

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A new model: the robust Apple Watch Pro

According Bloomberg, Apple will launch its biggest smartwatch yet this fall. This new model, which has been called Apple Watch Pro or Apple Watch Explorer Edition, is said to have a nearly 2-inch larger screen, bigger battery, and more durable exterior compared to the standard flagship model. This watch would be for those who participate in extreme sports and other adventurous outdoor activities.

The increased display means the Apple Watch Pro will have 7% more screen real estate than the current largest Apple Watch, which is the Series 7, according to the report. This might tie in nicely with the new watch face fitness stats that Apple just announced in WatchOS 9. Bloomberg has been reporting on this new rugged Apple Watch since last year, but recently released new details about screen size and bigger battery.

Design: Apple Watch Series 8 could get a new size

Overall, the overall aesthetic of the Apple Watch has remained virtually unchanged since the original made waves in 2015. But rumors suggest that Apple may add another new Apple Watch size after expanding the display of the 7 series. According to Twitter posts by display analyst Ross Young, a third size of the Apple Watch could come to fruition this year. Bloomberg also says there’s been internal talk about the Series 8 getting an updated display, but it’s unclear if that means its size would change.

However, it’s possible that this new display size will be exclusive to the so-called Apple Watch Pro. July 6th Bloomberg report says the new rugged Apple Watch will have a screen measuring almost two inches diagonally, while the regular Series 8 screen will be the same size as the Series 7.

Performance: similar to 7 series

Apple doesn’t plan to make any major performance changes to the Series 8, according to Bloomberg. The Series 8 processor is said to have the same specs as the Series 7 chip, which already shares many similarities with the Series 6 chip. next year, reports Bloomberg.

The decision to keep essentially the same processor for three generations of Apple Watch is significant. This suggests that the Apple Watch has matured to the point where year-over-year performance changes aren’t very dramatic. Instead, the main areas where the Apple Watch shows signs of growth are in health tracking and new software features, as Apple has shown with WatchOS 9.

Battery life: a new low-power mode

Since the Series 8 is expected to have a similar processor to the Series 7, I expect the battery life to stay the same as well. But the Series 8 could benefit from a different update aimed at extending battery life: a new low-power mode. Bloomberg Previously reported that WatchOS 9 would include a new low-power mode that would allow the watch to run certain apps and features while preserving battery life. This feature was not included in Apple’s latest software update, but a newer version Bloomberg Report suggests it could arrive exclusively for Apple’s next-gen smartwatch. The rumored Apple Watch Pro also has a larger battery, according to Bloomberg.

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