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Apple Watch Series 8 confirmed: Features, specifications, price and release date

Apple unveiled the Apple Watch Series 8 at its Far Out event. It’s now the middle child of the Apple Watch lineup, but that doesn’t mean it’s forgotten. With some notable new features, the potential for much longer battery life, and a new, more powerful processor, the Apple Watch Series 8 looks like a worthy successor to last year’s Series 7.

Apple Watch Series 8: Name

That’s right, Apple has stuck with tradition and named the newest Apple Watch the Series 8. That’s no big surprise; Apple’s naming conventions are generally quite easy to predict. Will this be the best Apple Watch (opens in a new tab) for you?

Apple Watch Series 8: Design

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The Apple Watch Series 8 isn’t reinventing the wheel – nor is it going towards a circular design. In fact, the 8-series looks exactly like the 7-series that may precede it. This means it is available in 41mm and 45mm sizes.

Your old Apple Watch bands will fit Series 8

Since there are no design or size changes in the Series 8, your old bands will also work with the new wearable, as long as they are the correct size.

Apple Watch Series 8: Features

Apple Watch Series 8 crash report

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The Apple Watch Series 8 can detect your temperature

The rumors are true; Apple has included a temperature sensor in the Apple Watch Series 8. The sensor is sensitive enough to detect a temperature change of 0.1 degrees Celsius in your body. Additionally, the Series 8 takes your wrist temperature during sleep every five seconds. A big part of the sensitivity is the dual-sensor design – one sensor on the back of the watch, close to the skin, and another under the screen. Apple says this helps eliminate interference from the outside environment.

The temperature sensor will enhance the cycle tracking features of Apple Watches by being able to notify users of potential cycle deviations and improve ovulation tracking. All cycle tracking data is encrypted on the correct device.

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Collision detection

Thanks to two new and improved sensors: a 3-axis gyroscope and a G-Force accelerometer, the Apple Watch Series 8 will be able to tell when you’re in a crash.

Crash Detection uses many sensors and features to determine if you’ve been in a serious crash, including your iPhone’s barometer, GPS, and microphone. This should prevent the Apple Watch.

When it detects a serious accident, the Series 8 automatically calls 911, reports your location and notifies your emergency contacts if you don’t respond to the on-screen notification within 10 seconds.

Apple Watch Series 8: Battery life

The Apple Watch Series 8 has the same battery life as the previous model when used normally. however, there is a new low power mode.

The Apple Watch Series 8 has a low power mode

With your iPhone present, you can get up to 36 hours of battery life using the new and improved Low Power Mode. While you can do a lot more with Low Power Mode than you currently can on the Apple Watch Series 7, there are still some limitations that the new Low Power Mode will impose on you. This will disable and/or limit the use of certain sensors and features, including always-on display and heart health notifications.

Apple Watch Series 8: Finishes and colors

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The Apple Watch Series 8 is only available in two finishes – aluminum and stainless steel – and each of them has different color options.

The 8 Series Aluminum will be available in four colorways including Midnight, Starlight, Silver and PRODUCT (RED), while the Stainless Steel finish is available in Silver, Gold and Graphite.

Apple Watch Series 8: Price

The Apple Watch Series 8 keeps the same starting price as the previous model, meaning the GPS-only model with an aluminum finish will cost $399.

Of course, that price goes up if you choose the larger 45mm case size, the stainless steel option, and if you choose to get the Cellular version.

Apple Watch Series 8: release date

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You won’t have to wait too long to get an Apple Watch Series 8 on your wrist because you can order them today! Apple said exactly when, but likely shortly after the event.

You have to wait just over a week to get it in your hands, however, with September 16, 2022 being the date when it will ship to you or you can pick it up at an Apple store.