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Apple Watch Ultra tested on a 98km hike in the Scottish Highlands [VIDEO]

David Smith put his new Apple Watch Ultra through its paces, hiking 60 miles through the Scottish Highlands: I don’t think you can properly test a device like this without taking it out into the field. So the day my Ultra arrived, I booked myself a sleeper train to […]

Apple’s crash detection feature may be triggered by roller coaster rides: report

Apple’s new crash detection feature, available on the iPhone 14 and the company’s latest Apple Watch models, is designed to automatically contact emergency services in the event of a serious car accident. However, he can sometimes mistake a roller coaster ride for a car accident (via Reddit). A Reddit user found out the hard way when…

iPhone 14 Pro Camera Bump Sawed Off; Apple Watch Ultra vs. Hammer [VIDEOS]

YouTuber and creator of tech gore TechRax took the initiative to give Apple’s new iPhone 14 Pro a facelift in a recent video. “I can’t stand the camera bump sticking out,” he said, preparing to saw it off. The camera island on the back of this year’s iPhone 14 Pro models is larger in all directions than the…