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Apple Watch in aluminum or steel? I’ve had both and here is my experience with them

My story with the apple watch boils down to the fact that I bought the first model on the first day it went on sale in Spain, June 2015, and not a single day have I had one on my wrist since. In those 7+ years I’ve had them all (until series 7). The first and the last, purchased by me. Intermissions, as part of Apple’s press releases.

From series 0 to series 5, they were made of aluminum. The Series 6, sale of Apple, arrived in steel. And the Series 7, which I bought myself not long before the shortage suffered as a result of the pandemic in 2021 and the shortage of chips it caused, was also made of steel. I have worn this material on my wrist for two years and I already feel ready to respond to a common question among some watch buyers that when the time comes, they wonder if they should take the plunge: “Is the steel one really worth it?”

Only materials, but with nuances

First premise: Steel Apple Watch still has LTE connectivity built-in. Unlike the aluminum ones, where it is an optional feature and costs a separate amount.

There are two readings for this. The first is that for those who don’t want LTE on their watch, the comparison should be with the aluminum version which doesn’t include it. The second is that for those who need it, they should compare the price of the one that has LTE. Here’s what the Series 8 price chart would look like with the straps making it cheaper:




499 €

539 €

aluminum and lte

619 €

659 €


849 €

899 €

Do we want LTE? So the steel one would cost us 230 euros more than the aluminum one if you want the small model, or 240 euros more if you want the big one. Don’t we want LTE? The differences therefore amount to 350 and 360 euros respectively.

It’s all about a style choice and how we understand an Apple Watch in our lives. If I eat our watch for everything, or as a sports watch without more

The differences between them, aside from the optional or canonical LTE, basically come down to materials and weight. The aluminum model starts at 26 grams. The steel one, 42. The greater weight is noticeable during the first days, then it is forgotten and even for sports has not been bothersome. It is generally a fear that I am used to hearing when talking about this model.

The glass material also changes. While it is reinforced glass in the case of aluminium, in the case of steel it becomes sapphire crystal, which is much more resistant.

Steel is also stronger, but with a small compromise: due to the basic physics, it is harder, but scratches and micro-abrasions are also more visible. You have to look closely, but they are there. However, it is a watch that can be polished to look like the first day.

The biggest difference I’ve noticed between the two is that when it comes to using them as a watch to go out with in some formality or attend certain events, the steel one is much more compelling. Whether or not it matters to you, dear reader, already depends on your priorities.

Buy an aluminum watch if…

  • You will have understood it as a mainly sports watch
  • You only consider wearing traditional watches when an occasion calls for a certain etiquette.
  • It’s your first Apple Watch and you don’t know if it will be a product that will accompany you for a long time
  • Do you need one of the color models

Buy a steel watch if…

  • You want it to become a very combinable watch with straps of a certain style (Milanese, leather, links…)
  • You want it to be your only watch, including the one on special occasions
  • You want to give a slightly more classic impression despite wearing a smartwatch
  • You attach great importance to the aesthetic result of steel models

With price differences no less than 230 euros, I wouldn’t recommend a steel model to anyone. And less to someone who has doubts. A steel watch is, above all, for those who have it quite clear, or at least a good predisposition.

Anyway, I chose the steel model when I had to checkout after a few years, and I am quite clear that when I have to renew it, I will choose the same option again. After all, the Watch has become my favorite device and the one I use the most. I could very well go through life with a iPhone from a few generations ago in my pocket, but when it comes to watches, I want the best because I know I’m going to enjoy it and appreciate all of its benefits.

Apple Watch Series 8 (GPS)

Apple Watch Series 8 (GPS) – 41mm Silver Aluminum Case, White Sport Band

Apple Watch Series 8 (GPS + Cellular)

Apple Watch Series 8 (GPS + Cellular)

Apple Watch Series 8 (GPS + Cellular) – 45mm Silver Stainless Steel Case, Silver Milanese Loop