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Apple Watch helps save the life of a man swept away in his kayak

The Apple Watch has saved a lot of lives. It detected excessively fast heartbeats, flagged heartbeats with irregular rhythms, and helped users survive serious falls. The latest rescue effort for the world’s most popular watch (more details below) took place on the north coast of Sydney, Australia, when a kayaker drifted 4km (about 2½ miles) off the coast and was unable to paddle back to shore due to high winds.

Apple Watch’s Emergency SOS feature was able to call for help in time to save another life

Luckily, the man’s Apple Watch was able to connect to a signal that enabled him to activate the Emergency SOS feature. With Emergency SOS, Apple Watch users can call emergency services and report their location. If your iPhone isn’t within reach, don’t worry. If you have the watch connected to a known Wi-Fi network and you have enabled Wi-Fi Calling, the connection to emergency services may still occur even without your phone present.

To call emergency services, press the side button on the Apple Watch below the digital crown until the emergency slider appears onscreen. Dragging the slider will initiate the call immediately or you can continue to hold the side button which, after a countdown, will automatically call emergency services. When the call ends, unless you choose to cancel, all of your emergency contacts will receive a text message with your current location.

Having the presence of mind to use this feature in the event of a problem could mean the difference between life and death.
The bright orange color of the kayak aided rescuers, which helped them maintain eye contact with the vessel. According, the rescue operation was not easy. Nick Pavlakis, one of the men from the helicopter that was used for the rescue, said: “He was falling out of his kayak and taking on quite a bit of water. He was lucky to have (a) connection on his device to make that desperate plea for help.”

As the kayaker tried to access all the energy his tired body could muster, rescuers eventually spotted the kayak. The unnamed victim was placed aboard the helicopter and transported to a sports field where paramedics were waiting. However, the man refused treatment despite showing signs of fatigue and hypothermia (which results in a dangerously low body temperature).

The Apple Watch is the most possible watch in the world

This was good news for everyone as a companion who was also in the kayak and had been taken by the ship was missing. The rescuers phoned him and during the conversation it was discovered that he had already come ashore.

So we can list another life saved by the Apple Watch, which happens to be the most popular watch (not just smartwatch) in the world. Even watches made by famous companies such as Rolex, Omega, Timex, Casio and Seiko have been overtaken in popularity by the Apple Watch.

When Apple first launched the watch in 2015, the device was marketed as a fashion accessory with many high-end jewelry stores offering the most expensive versions of the watch. Eventually, the Apple Watch became known for its fitness features. Users started spreading the word about how the Apple Watch detected changes in their heart rate fast enough for them to call an ambulance or see a doctor.

Many of these stories included comments from doctors praising the Apple Watch for saving these patients’ lives. And over the years, the product’s reputation as a lifesaver has steadily grown. And in the latest example, the Apple Watch was able to “do its thing” even when worn at sea.