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Apple Watch Explorer Rumors: Everything You Need to Know

While Apple is almost ready to release a new flagship Apple Watch every year, 2022 would look a little different. If those rumors are correct, a new rugged Apple Watch will join the lineup – here’s everything we know about it so far.

It starts with a name

We’ve been hearing rumors of a new rugged Apple Watch since March 2021, when Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported on its existence. At the time, Gurman said Apple referred to the product as the “Explorer Edition,” and while that might not be the retail name, it’s the name they use for the product. instant.

It’s definitely sounds cool, right? It’s definitely the best Apple Watch name, but whether Apple plans to use it is another matter.

Apple Watch Explorer release date

Rumors about when the new rugged Apple Watch will go on sale haven’t been much, but we can make a calculated guess based on when Apple released its other Apple Watches. That would mean we can probably say the rugged version of the 2022 Apple Watch will go on sale around September/October.

However, note that things could change before this launch. Global component shortages could cause Apple to change its plans, while it’s important to remember that Apple hasn’t announced anything at this point – it’s possible it could still push its rugged Apple Watch all the way to 2023.

Apple Watch Explorer models and sizes

Another fact about the rugged Apple Watch that we haven’t heard much about is the models and sizes. Given that the laptop is expected to be used in extreme situations, it seems likely that a cellular option will be available. People who do extreme sports aren’t likely to carry around their iPhones, for example. The cell phone seems a safe bet at this stage.

In terms of sizes, this is another interesting one. We’ve already been told to expect a shock-resistant watch similar to Casio’s G-Shock watches. That would likely mean a bigger watch in terms of the laptop’s chassis, but whether that extends to the display remains to be seen. The Apple Watch Series 8 is expected to reach 45mm, so we can at least consider that as a ballpark figure. If a 41mm option will be included, we’ll have to wait and see. Regarding more details about the watches, Gurman said:

If Apple goes ahead this time, the rugged version would be an additional model similar to how Apple offers a lower-cost option called the Apple Watch SE and special editions co-branded with Nike Inc. and Hermes International. Sometimes dubbed the “Explorer Edition” within Apple, the product would have the same functionality as a standard Apple Watch, but with added shock resistance and protection in the vein of Casio’s G-Shock watches.

Apple Watch Explorer Design

This is where Apple Watch Explorer will come into its own. If the rumors are correct, the new laptop is designed to be able to take a hit or two without suffering any adverse effects such as scratches or cracked screens. With that in mind, a stronger look is a no-brainer – expect something similar to a current Apple Watch Series 7, but inside with a sturdy casing, and you’re probably on the cash.

Although information is scarce, it seems likely that we should expect thicker bands and a rubbery look and feel to help with shock absorption.

In terms of colors, Casio offers its G-Shock in a variety of different colors and we can surely expect something similar from Apple, but maybe not as much.

Apple Watch Explorer chip and connectivity

If Apple is really going to release this new rugged Apple Watch alongside the Apple Watch Series 8, expect it to sport the same chip, whatever it’s called. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman previously claimed the name would be S8, but it would be similar to previous chips used in older Apple Watches.

As mentioned earlier, a cellular Apple Watch seems like a given, especially given the use case for this type of wearable. People are unlikely to want to take their iPhones when playing the kinds of sports where a rugged wearable would be needed.

Apple Watch Explorer Expected Price

The price of Apple Watch Explorer will probably largely depend on whether it has similar features to the Apple Watch Series 8 or something else. Apple may decide to make the wearable more specialized, adding sensors and features that are more useful for people who engage in extreme activities. Or it could scale things down, make it a more simplistic experience, and strip out sensors and features accordingly. The price of Apple Watch Explorer will very much depend on the approach Apple takes.