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Apple promotes the Apple Watch Series 7 as a durable device in new “Hard Knocks” video ad

Apple today released a new video ad highlighting how durable and tough the Apple Watch Series 7 is. The short video shows that the Apple Watch can withstand various wearing conditions. This could be a prelude to the rumored Extreme Sports Edition of the Apple Watch.

Video ad shows Apple Watch Series 7 can take the ‘thumbs down’

The video ad, titled “Hard Knocks”, presents several scenarios where the Apple Watch is exposed to extreme conditions. The video shows that it doesn’t matter if the extreme conditions are intentional or accidental. Apple Watch Series 7 continued to work.

In the video, the Apple Watch is subject to various conditions. For example, a sequence shows a user running after a bus, and his wrist gets stuck in the door. Another sequence shows a user falling while skating, while yet another involves a user diving into a swimming pool from a considerable height. All these cases mentioned demonstrate that the Apple Watch Series 7 can handle them all.

According to the video ad’s tagline, the Apple Watch Series 7 is “the most durable Apple Watch ever”. The video features the song “Power of My Love” by Jack White.

Is another version of the Apple Watch needed

Although Apple hasn’t gone so far to highlight the watch’s durability before, many users could attest that Apple has developed a very durable and tough smartwatch since its first iteration. I’ve used my Apple Watch Series 6 countless times in extreme conditions. These include swimming, cycling in the rain, and hiking in muddy terrain. Despite all that, it still works perfectly fine. Of course, it also had its fair share of drops and bumps on hard surfaces and yet the screen display remains perfectly fine.

So, with the new video promoting the durability of the Apple Watch Series 7, Apple could be setting the stage for the arrival of the rumored Apple Watch for extreme sports. Honestly, Apple doesn’t need to create another version of the Apple Watch for extreme sports. It might just improve the durability of the Apple Watch Series 7 and bring it into the Apple Watch Series 8. But again, that’s Apple’s business strategy. We can only hope that the price range of the watch will not be too expensive compared to its regular counterpart.