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Apple is rumored to launch the all-new rugged Apple Watch this year

Since the beginning of last year, rumors suggest that Apple is considering an all-new rugged Apple Watch, tentatively named the “Explorer Edition.” which would feature a more durable case to appeal to customers such as athletes, hikers and others who would use the device in extreme sporting environments, or places where a regular Apple Watch could be easily damaged.

The idea behind the all-new rugged Apple Watch is said to be durability, with Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman claiming last year that the wearable would add additional shock resistance and protection to appeal to users who want to wear an Apple Watch but are afraid to do so due to the environments they would be wearing it inlike rock climbing, where it’s important that the device is rugged and durable enough to withstand everyday use, like Casio’s G-Shock watches.

Along with the launch of the next-generation “Apple Watch Series 8” and a rumored new “Apple Watch SE 2” later this year, Gurman suggested we could see Apple unveil its new Apple Watch “Explorer Edition” in the fallalthough details on how the Apple Watch will be made more durable are not known.

Image: Apple

One possibility is that Apple will make the all-new rugged Apple Watch rubberized, making it less likely to damage the current selection of aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel cases, potentially increasing water and resistance to make the portable more suited to extreme sports environments or places such as construction sites, where the device should withstand heavy daily use.

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