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apple: ​Apple Watch Camera – Everything you need to know about the Wristcam

As for smartwatches, Apple is undoubtedly a preference for many. The company is leading the smartwatch industry by giving competitive smartwatches a hard time. However, an integrated camera is a feature that has yet to be added to the product.
According to a recent patent, Apple is experimenting with several ways to include a camera in future models of the apple watch. The latest patent might raise your expectations if you were excitedly anticipating an Apple Watch camera. It’s important to remember that patents do not guarantee the technology’s inclusion in future products before digging into Apple’s latest patent claims.

Introduction to wrist camera

Wristcam, a specialized camera accessory created specifically for the Apple Watch, allows the smartwatch to be used as a wrist-mounted camera. Users currently cannot capture images with an Apple Watch. Although you can link the gadget to an iPhone camera, this is only done so that the wristwatch can act as a shutter button, allowing you to take pictures with your iPhone remotely.
This $299 Apple-certified smartband is a smart component within the strap containing both world-facing and self-facing cameras. When your phone is out of range, you can still take photos and videos using the wristband’s manual controls or the watchOS app.

Like a typical smartphone, the Wristcam has two separate cameras: an outward-facing 8 MP main camera for taking photos and a user-facing 2 MP camera for taking selfies. The 8MP camera can record 1080p HD video and 4K photos, and both work for video calls.

The Wristcam, which fits on the strap of your Apple Watch, transfers images to your iPhone’s photo gallery or cloud storage via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The Quick Capture button, which records a video by pressing length, lets you switch cameras with a double click, and even provides 8GB of internal storage for storing photos and videos, making the camera incredibly easy to use.

Footage captured by the Wristcam can be saved to your Apple Watch and synced to your iPhone’s Picture Gallery to make your photos and movies easily accessible. The Wristcam software also includes a variety of editing tools and filters.
The James Bond-style Wristcam accessory has flashing status indicators indicating active recording to alleviate privacy concerns. But Wristcam’s goal isn’t exactly stealth. Instead, it is the ability to record life as it happens.

As the Wristcam strap is quite light, you can change it easily. There are five adjustable band colors, from White to Grey, Black, Pink, and Sage. The gadget can be safely used with a water resistant Apple Watch as it is waterproof.

The Wristcam has a suggested retail price of $299 and works with the Apple watch series 6, Apple Watch Series 5 and Apple Watch SE.

Final Thoughts
What features can we reasonably expect from Apple’s next watch? It’s rumored to include a new, slimmer design and several new health-related features, like blood pressure monitoring, a thermometer, and sleep tracking. A durable watch suitable for hikers and sports may also be in development.