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An extreme sports Apple Watch model is coming this year

A new “extreme sports” Apple Watch with a larger screen and sturdier build would launch with the Apple Watch Series 8.

Next to the norm Apple Watch Series 8, Apple is preparing to launch a new “extreme sports” version of the smartwatch, according to the latest report. Apple’s wearable lineup has slowly expanded over time, with the introduction of the Apple Watch SE, the newest of the standard models. However, if the latest report proves correct, this latest model could be a much bigger fork.

The Apple Watch is currently in its seventh generation with the aptly named Watch Series 7. Over the years, the core series has continuously evolved to offer new features based on various hardware advancements, including new sensors and upgraded processors. level. In 2020, Apple launched the all-new Apple Watch SE. Unlike the standard models, the Watch SE line offers a newer design at a more affordable price.


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In 2022, Apple is not only expected to release the Apple Watch Series 8, but also a new model that focuses more on extreme sports use cases. The information comes from Mark Gurman (via Bloomberg) and explains that the new model will be specifically “intended for extreme sports athletes.” Similar to the standard Apple Watch 8 series models, the extreme sports version will feature an S8 processor and be able to measure the wearer’s body temperature. However, this focus on extreme sports will bring a number of changes, including a larger screen.

Bigger screen and more robust design

According to the report, the extreme sports Apple Watch model will feature the “the largest smartwatch screen to date,” resulting in a screen that measures almost 2 inches diagonally with a resolution of approximately 410 x 502 pixels. The report assumes that the larger area will likely be used to display more fitness-related information and metrics. The new watch would also include improvements to hiking and swimming software. Along with the larger display, the watch itself will come with a sturdier build. Essentially, it will replace the use of aluminum with a “solid metal material” and will sport a more shock-resistant screen than current models.

Predictably, an extreme sports watch will also need extreme battery life, and that’s also reported to be on the charts as well. Firm details on the battery’s capacity or expected daily life weren’t provided, but the battery is said to be larger than what’s currently in use and will last longer. Unfortunately, no pricing details were provided other than the very clear suggestion that the extreme sports model will be more expensive than the other. Apple Watch Series 8 models announced later this year.

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Source: Bloomberg

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