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Amazon’s Halo fitness trackers are on sale

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By now, most of us know that staying healthy goes beyond just hitting the gym. To get the full picture of our overall well-being, we also need to consider our mental and emotional state, which is strongly linked to our stress levels. But how do you track these hard-to-quantify metrics to help improve your well-being? With Amazon Halo Activity Monitors – which are currently on sale until December 7.

best selling Amazon Halo view and Halo strip Fitness trackers not only track your heart rate, sleep score, blood oxygen level, and motion points, but they also offer ways to improve those scores through the free Halo app. When you buy your Amazon Halo View, you get a 12-month Halo subscription for free, and when you buy Amazon Halo Band, you get a six-month Halo subscription for free. Halo subscriptions normally cost $3.99 per month and provide even more detailed metrics.

Buy it! Amazon Halo View, $49.99 (Origin $79.99);

While a Halo subscription isn’t required to use the fitness trackers, it helps to have a well-rounded plan. It provides bonus metrics such as your activity intensity and activity score, compared to just your steps, heart rate, and calories burned for non-members. It also gives you access to a Halo Movement assessment that helps you avoid common injuries by improving everyday movements like twisting or reaching. The personalized movement program can help up your exercise game. Plus, as a member, you’ll have access to hundreds of workout videos from brands like Orange Theory that you can stream from your phone or stream to your TV.

While weight loss isn’t always the goal, Halo membership is helpful if it is. It gives you over 450 healthy recipes in the app from brands like Whole Foods so you can stay on track with your nutrition. It also provides a body composition assessment from a photo of you to determine your body fat percentage, which can give a more accurate assessment than your BMI alone. And it uses a 3D model image of your body to track your progress over time.

Buy it! Amazon Halo Band, $74.99 (original $99.99);

As a Halo member, you can also use your sleep score to determine how long it takes you to fall asleep, how often you wake up during the night, how long you’re in REM, light, or depth, and your sleep temperature. Using these metrics, Halo can offer personalized advice to improve your rest. There are also mindfulness programs, daily meditations and soothing sleep sounds available in the app for even more relaxation.

Another member-only feature? Tone analysis, which analyzes your voice at different times of the day and tells you whether you’re energetic and positive or a little overwhelmed. This allows you to relate better to others – and perhaps schedule important meetings after 11 a.m. if you notice that you tend to look tired and groggy before then.

Although both Halo fitness trackers offer the same level of tracking, the main difference is that the Halo view has a screen that can provide on-the-go notifications and alerts, while the Halo Band is a more discreet, screen-less choice, for those who want to avoid distractions throughout the day and really stay present. The Halo strip is also water resistant up to 50 meters and swimming.

Whether you’re looking to focus on your health or someone on your Christmas list is, take the Halo view Where Halo strip (or both) while they’re on sale until November 30 – and you get a free subscription with your purchase.

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