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Amazon and Best Buy are teaming up to make the Apple Watch Series 7 cheaper than ever

You may find this hard to believe given that we are talking about the best-selling device in a booming global industry, but the Apple Watch Series 7 is slowly and steadily becoming ridiculously affordable these days.

It’s also pretty ridiculous how easy it’s become lately to score this Extremely well-reviewed smartwatch, arguably beautiful, undeniably powerful and decidedly feature-rich at a substantial discount in one of many different versions.
Whereas great deals from Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and Targets aren’t exactly rare events, sometimes you need to act fast so said retailers don’t run out of heavily discounted inventory. For example, Amazon is currently charging $130 less than usual for a 41mm non-LTE-enabled entry-level model with a green aluminum case and matching “trefoil” sport band, but only if you don’t have no problem. expect up to 5 weeks for shipment.
This estimate could obviously get worse as demand continues to increase, but luckily Best Buy has the exact same GPS only. Apple Watch Series 7 variant on sale for the same price at the time of this writing with a much closer domestic ETA.
Yet something tells us that both retailers may not be able to sustain this special offer for very long, and something of course is the fact that this $130 discount makes the world’s most popular and arguably best smartwatch cheaper than ever.
Although the Apple Watch Series 7 has tough new competition (powered by Wear OS) at Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro, the imminent arrival of the Series 8 and the rugged Apple Watch Pro could be the main reason why you would be hesitant to pull the trigger.
If so, we would like to remind you The Apple Watch Pro is widely expected to come with… a “Pro” price tag attached to its name, while the Apple Watch Series 8 is virtually guaranteed to start at the same $400 price point as its non-Pro predecessor without bringing many groundbreaking or game-changing features and sensors to the table.