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Alvin ISD bans smartwatches and headphones on school campuses

Alvin Skate Park is 17-year-old Malakai Deford’s happy place.

“It’s a way for me to escape the things I have to deal with,” Deford said.

Where he can come back to reality because he says in the previous school year it felt more like a virtual experience.

“Everyone is on their phone,” he explained. “They don’t care what the teachers have to say, that’s not how it has to be.”

The Alvin Independent School District seems to agree.

The school district decided to change its technology policy by banning the use of headphones and smartwatches.

Smartphones will still be allowed on campus.

“We looked at a variety of issues,” Alvin ISD Assistant Superintendent Bobby Martinez said. “Mental health is obviously something we’re concerned about, distraction, sleep deprivation with technology addiction.”

“To be honest, I think it’s stupid because if they can have a phone, they can have a smartwatch,” Danielle Krug said.

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Krug says his son wearing a smartwatch gives him peace of mind. He’s entering second grade and she uses him to track her position.

“He’s not at the age where he has a phone, so the watch is the only thing I have to communicate with him,” she said.

However, Martinez says they are focusing on their high schools.

“We are primarily looking at smartwatches where students can access their text messaging or social media apps,” he said.

We asked Martinez why they still allow smartphones.

“We understand that many families rely on smartphones to communicate for safety purposes,” he said.

Martinez says they are still considering how they will enforce the policy on elementary school campuses.

“We think it’s a step in the right direction,” he said.

Martinez says headphones will only be allowed for approved educational purposes.

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