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A look at Apple Watch clones in India marketed by celebrities who use Apple Watch

Apple Watch clones of Noise, Fire-Boltt, Helix India, and more, are gaining popularity in India using the same design, user interface and functionality as Apple’s popular smartwatch. So much so that Indian celebrities who have been photographed wearing Apple Watch are now endorsing its clones as “India’s No.1 wearable watch brand”, like cricket star Virat Kholi, producer and director Karan Johar, actress Kareena Kapoor and many more.

Along with setting up production units, Apple began officially selling its products in India in 2020. During its Q3 2022 earnings call, the company announced promising sales in emerging markets, including India. India, Vietnam, Brazil and Indonesia.

However, it looks like the tech giant might face competition from local smartwatch makers who sell Apple Watch clones in India and use Bollywood and sports celebrities to promote their low-to-mid Apple Watch clones. range of Noise and Fire-Boltt with similar design language. , watch faces and other features.

Apple Watch clones in India offer similar watch faces, workout metrics and other features for a fraction of the price

There are several smartwatch brands in the market from manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus, and others that offer multiple health features like Apple’s smartwatch, but none have cloned their design and user interface on the T.

The ColorFit series from Noise and Ninja from Fire-Boltt are Apple Watch clones that have the same rectangular design with curved edges and a digital crown or side button. But the shoulder straps are not detachable and cannot be changed.

Apple Watch Clone

Low to mid-range smartwatches come in 43mm or 44mm sizes and feature customizable watch faces with complications for date, time, weather, heart rate, steps and more which have the same layout as the Apple Watch UI.

For example, watch faces, pink, green and blue activity rings, metrics displayed in the workout app, call interface and other elements are copied from the smartwatch d ‘Apple.

Apple Watch Clone

However, there is a huge price difference. Apple Watch Series 7 starts from $531 (₹41,900.00) in India, while, the ColorFit Series starts from $50.70 (₹4000) and the ninja series from $63.38 (₹5,000).

More interestingly, the celebrities who endorse the Noise and Fire-Boltt smartwatches have turned out to be Apple Watch users. This is not uncommon, as celebrities often promote products despite using other brands.

In a social media venture for Fire-Boltt, famed Indian cricketer Virat Kholi promotes the watch saying that it offers versatile health functions. He also wears an Apple Watch as seen in his Instagram posts from August 23, 2020, October 18, 2020and others.

apple watch

Post by actress Kareen Kapoor Khan on instagram markets the Fire-Boltt Ring 3 smartwatch saying it helps him stay in shape by allowing him to track his fitness. However, on Instagram, she also posted a picture in which she wears an Apple Watch with a pink braided loop. April 18, 2021she also shared a photo of the total step count on an Apple smartwatch.

apple watch

apple watch

Popular Indian tennis star Sania Mirza has also been recently promote an Apple Watch clone by Fire-Boltt. A look at her Instagram profile also reveals that she is a Apple Watch user.

Clone of Sania Mirza's Apple Watch

Actress Shilpa Shetty Kundra also turned out to be promote a Fire-Bollt smartwatch, while it’s clear she also uses an Apple Watch for her workouts.

Clone of Shilpa Shetty's Apple Watch

Actor Arjun Kapoor is yet another celebrity who is promote the Fire-Boltt smartwatch but can be seen wearing an Apple Watch in another one Instagram post.

Clone of Arjun Kapoor's Apple Watch

These are just a few examples of high profile celebrities promoting these Apple Watch clones. The list of influencers promoting these products is long, as evidenced by the official Instagram profiles of these products.

The phenomenon of marketing products from other brands, while using Apple products, is very common among celebrities. It’s interesting how many high-profile celebrities support these Apple Watch clones, while still using the original product for everyday use.