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$39 Apple Watch Charging Puck keeps your watch charged on the go

The Apple Watch is one of the best smartwatches in the world, but its fatal flaw is battery life. A $39 charging puck might fix those battery issues.

The apple watch is a great smartwatch option for users invested in Apple’s ecosystem, though its fatal flaw is battery life – and a $39 wearable magnetic charging puck aims to solve the biggest downside of the device. The Apple Watch has a ton of fitness and health features, offers tight integration with other Apple devices, and can be a fashion statement with an assortment of sports and premium bands that can be swapped out at any time. However, all these features are canceled if the watch is not charged, and this could be a realistic problem. The Apple Watch’s battery life has only slightly improved since it was first released, and instead Apple has put more effort into charging the watch quickly. That might be a doable solution, but only if there’s an Apple Watch charger nearby when needed.


With the release of the Apple Watch Series 7 in October 2021, the company introduced support for fast charging. However, there was a catch – to take advantage of fast charging on an Apple Watch, users had to use the included Apple Watch USB-C Magnetic Charging Cable. Fast charging also required a sufficiently powered USB-C adapter, and Apple recommends its 18W USB-C power adapter. Any USB-C port capable of delivering this amount of power or more should work fine, but using the included charger of the company serves as a starting point for a fast charge. It’s a shame, because the Apple Watch charger is not easy to carry. It’s bulky and only used for one device, so using a more compact charger without fast charging might be the solution.

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The Satechi USB-C Magnetic Charging Station is a wearable solution for powering an Apple Watch on the go and fixes the smartwatch’s biggest flaw. The Apple Watch is only a valuable tool when it’s fully charged and powered on. Although the smartwatch has a power reserve mode, it only displays a digital clock, which makes it more limited in functionality than a traditional watch that displays the date and time. Some Fitness and Apple Pay features also require the Apple Watch to be fully activated, although some Express Transit cards may be available. To keep the watch charged, the safe solution is to carry an Apple Watch charger on your daily commute, and Satechi is the perfect accessory.

The small charger can accompany you anywhere

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Satechi’s accessory is as compact as physically possible, featuring an Apple Watch magnetic charging puck encased in aluminum with a USB-C connection on the side of the charger. There is no cable between the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Puck and the USB-C male connection, greatly reducing the clutter of the traditional Apple Watch charger. It can be plugged directly into an AC adapter, MacBook, or iPad with USB-C. Chances are an Apple Watch user is already carrying one or more of these with them, so the only addition is the Satechi Magnetic Charger. It’s smaller than the included Apple charger, has a form factor smaller than a credit card, and is less than half an inch thick.

The Satechi USB-C Magnetic Charging Dock for Apple Watch is ideal when paired with a compact portable charger that has a USB-C port. With these two accessories, it is possible to charge all Apple devices of a user on the go. A fantastic pairing is Anker’s MagGo – a MagSafe-enabled portable charger with USB-C – which can charge both an iPhone wirelessly and an Apple Watch with the Satechi accessory. Users can leave the Satechi USB-C Magnetic Charging Dock connected to the portable charger and have an on-the-go charging solution for their Apple Watch and iPhone. Adding a USB-C cable to the mix opens up the possibility of charging a MacBook or iPad, encompassing just about every major device in the Apple ecosystem. For users who find it difficult to keep their apple watch charged throughout the day, Satechi’s USB-C Magnetic Charging Dock is the perfect wearable solution to keep the smartwatch powered up.

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