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22% of US Internet households use their smartwatches and other wearables for security purposes

Market assessment addresses consumer and industry trends in the smartwatch market

DALLAS, October 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — New research from Parks Associates finds that the top use cases for wearables involve health and activity tracking, while 22% of U.S. internet households (25 million households) use their portable devices for security reasons. The study of the international study firm Market assessment of smartwatches and wearables reveals that smartwatch adoption has grown from 16% of US internet households in 2020 to 29% in 2021.

“Connected health has become mainstream – with smartwatches leading the way,” said Kristen Hanich, Research Director, Parks Associates. “The market is going through a period of tremendous growth and change, with a focus on more powerful and capable end devices.”

Adoption of wearables is leading the connected health category, with smartwatches being the most adopted connected health product overall. Smartwatch owners are a particularly enthusiastic core of the connected health market, owning a variety of other smart health products such as exercise equipment, scales and smart thermometers. Parks Associates research reveals that smartwatch owners in particular are likely to own and use other connected health products, with those consumers reporting an average of almost seven devices.

“While consumer intent to purchase wearables has roughly doubled compared to 2020, traditional wearable device players still need to make efforts to better market and advertise to these new consumers, or risk losing them,” Hanich said. “This new research identifies key market drivers and barriers in the smartwatches and smart wearables category and includes a five-year market forecast.”

Parks Associates Smart product market assessments to provide comprehensive and in-depth analysis of a single smart product market. This analysis includes consumer data for each product, including trending data over the years and in-depth questions about product usage, pain points and preferences.

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