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21 best fitness trackers for women 2022: from Fitbit to Garmin

When gyms across the country first closed last year, I said goodbye to my beloved spinning classes and group yoga sessions, and replaced them with running workouts. /walk/at home. And instead of an instructor standing a few feet away from me, yelling at me to stay focused, I found my motivation dwindling.

Enter: the humble Fitness Tracker. In an effort to keep me motivated and achieve my fitness goals, my hunt for the best fitness tracker for women began. I find nothing more motivating than data. I’m data-driven: encouraged by numbers and kicked ass by percentages. The results were simply amazing. There’s nothing quite like a little friendly competition with yours truly, and constantly trying to outdo myself on the distance front has been all the pavement-pounding motivation I need.

Even now the gyms are open again, my activity tracker remains firmly on my wrist. So if you’re struggling to get off the couch and exercise, investing in one of the best fitness trackers could be the difference between a 5k jog and a night in front of Netflix. Here’s everything you need to know.

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Are fitness trackers worth it?

Yes, provided you opt for something that monitors the data that will motivate you. Of course there is now innumerable options on the market that track everything from your steps and heart rate to calories burned, sleep and more. Seriously, these fitness watches are getting classier with each new release.

Before you start shopping, write down what you want your activity tracker to monitor. Most options will have a step counter, heart rate monitor and sleep tracking, but if there’s something else you want to prioritise, take stock. If you want the tracker to flash with your emails and texts, choose one with a bigger screen. If you don’t do a lot of high intensity exercise but burn calories walking, something simple that just shows the steps would probably suffice.

What is the best fitness tracker 2021?

The million dollar question: Which fitness tracker should you buy? We’ve done the work for you and researched the best fitness trackers and running watches for every workout style and budget. Some are good for running, some are waterproof (swimmers, we’re looking at you), and some are great for those HIIT workouts you do in your living room.

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Fitbit, unsurprisingly, tends to come out on top time and time again when it comes to overall performance and value for money. They are not only really stylish and stylish, but also functional and affordable. We like it Fitbit Versa 3 was the best fitness tracker for the overall experience. It costs under £200, is one of the few Fitbit models to have built-in GPS and has a battery life of six days. It’s also got all the features you’d expect from a full-featured fitness tracker, from step count to heart rate monitor, 20 different activity modes, menstrual cycle tracking, and water resistance up to 50 Mr. So yes, you can take it while swimming.

the Fitbit Inspire HR health and fitness tracker wristband (similar to the above, without GPS or the ability to attach it to your sports bra) is the best fitness tracker for a no-frills experience. At just over £100, it gives you the ability to track your steps, distance and calories burned. Whether you’re running, walking or biking, it’s great, and heart rate stats are visible too (hence the name HR).

Are Fitbit or Garmin better?

Garmin’s devices offer tough competition for Fitbit. the Garmin Forerunner 45 is a great fitness tracker for runners because it lets you set up training programs for events like a 5K or a half marathon. Generally speaking, Fitbit has the edge on simplicity and style, but Garmin beats Fitbit on complexity of heart rate data and stats.

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